I am your girl next door who enjoys singing a good song, making a big laugh, or writing a hell of a story. When I'm not in the bubble you can find me climbing mountains or camping around with my dog!

Height: 5" 4'

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Hazel


Location: Los Angeles, CA

About Me


Kevin Cutrara | Stray Dog | 2019


Uribe Productions| Return to Happiness | 2019


Christopher Macken | "Cali God" (Music Video) | 2017


Griff McConal | That Thing | 2016


Nick Eaton | Idyll | 2015


Special Skills

Guitar, Ukulele, Musical Theatre Vocals (Alto), Contemporary Vocals (jazz, pop, country, etc) Improv, Basic scene painting and crafts construction, Running deck crew, Driver’s license, Art Department, Set Decoration, Dialects: Proper British, Cockney, Southern, Russian, Minnesota, Australian, American Sign Language (1 yr), Roller skate/ice skate, Minor stunt work, Visual art

Training & Workshops

Emerson College: BFA Musical Theatre, 2017


68 Cent Crew Theatre Company | Thomas Does Cigarettes With His Assistant Annie | 2019


Emerson College | Titanic | 2017

Charlotte Cardoza

Emerson College | Richard III | 2016

Lord Grey

Joe Anthony Studios | Scene Study | Joe Anthony (Current)

Theatre 68 | Scene Study, Improv, Playwriting | Ronnie Marmo

Emerson College | Acting for the Camera | Ken Cheeseman

Emerson College | Voice | Gary Durham 

Emerson College | Scene Study | Scott LaFeber

PCPA | Audition Technique | Erik Stein 

Download my resume here! 

Clark Center for the Performing Arts | The Little Mermaid | 2013


Clark Center for the Performing Arts | Julius Caesar | 2012

Mark Antony 

Clark Center for the Performing Arts| Pippin | 2011


Clark Center for the Performing Arts | A Midsummer Night's Dream | 2011


Central Coast Repertory Theatre | Little Women | 2008

Beth March